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EPICENTR K is a Ukrainian DIY retail chain of building and home improvement hypermarkets. We are holding the leading positions on the Ukrainian market, providing our customers with the best products and services with decoration and design opportunities, EPICENTR K operates as the “one stop store”, offering customers top quality home improvement goods, building materials, gardening goods, and other non-food products. Our company was founded on December 6, 2003. Since then EPICENTR K continues development and confident expansion of the market. In 2010 EPICENTR K has joined the European DIY Retail Association (EDRA).
10 key points you should know about EPICENTR K:
  1. EPICENTR K GROUP is organized into 3 key business divisions:
    • Non-food retail business;
    • Agribusiness;
    • Own production.
  2. EPICENTR K non-food retail business is #1 in Ukraine: the number of trade centres has 69 operating objects. The first trade centre was founded in 2003. During 15 years we have launched 56 EPICENTR K-branded and 14 trade centres under NOVA LINIYA name. In 2018, one new market has already been opened, and two more objects are planned to be launched till the end of the year.
  3. 100% of trade centres are owned by EPICENTR K GROUP. Today the total retail space is 1.5 million square meters. The assortment of non-food products exceed 0.4 million SKUs. Total employee quantity already exceeds 40,000 people.
  4. Based on non-food sales statistics, in 2017 53% share in Ukrainian DIY-segment belongs to EPICENTR K. In 2017 EPICENTR K turnover has reached 1.55 billion USD.
  5. EPICENTR K own warehouse and distribution centre is built according to the most advanced European standards and is one of the best in Ukraine. Its transportation fleet has 1.000 units.
  6. The expansion of business also occurs due to the launch of new sub-divisions. In 2015 the company has launched sporting goods under international brand Intersport (19 sporting shops).In 2015 EPICENTR K has established its consumer electronics retail chain CONNECT. In 2016 EPICENTR K has launched its own online shopping-platform: www.27.ua (200K SKUs).
  7. In 2014 EPICENTR K opened its largest trade centre with total sales area of 105 thousands square meters. This hypermarket is nominated as the world largest DIY hypermarket according to «Ukrainian Guinness Book of records», partner of «Guinness World Records».
  8. According to company’s statistics, EPICENTR K cooperates with more than 900 foreign suppliers, among which nearly 600 are Chinese manufacturers.
  9. In 2017 annual import of EPICENTR K from Asia reached more than 4000 TEU, the same year import from Europe - 670 TEU, 415 trucks and 65 railway carriages.
  10. There is a Representative Office of our company in China (Shanghai), duly opened under the Chinese and Ukrainian legislation. Our staff helps to arrange cooperation between our company and Chinese factories.

EPICENTR K is the largest Ukrainian DIY chain of building and home improvement hypermarkets:
56 stores, total sales area more than 1,5 million square meters.

  1. City: Kyiv-Bratyslavska area: 14 170 sq. m.
  2. City: Kyiv-Kiltseva Doroga area: 36 296sq. m.
  3. City: Kyiv-Grygorenka area: 42 440sq. m.
  4. City: Kyiv-Kryshtaleva area: 27 840sq. m.
  5. City: Kyiv-Berkovetska area: 73 858sq. m.
  6. City: Kyiv-Polyarna area: 105 000sq. m.
  7. City: Kyiv-S.Bandery area: 56 000sq. m.
  8. City: Bila Tserkva area: 10 400sq. m.
  9. City: Brovary area: 23 616sq. m.
  10. City: Boyarka area: 4 783sq. m.
  11. City: Cherkasy area: 20 000sq. m.
  12. City: Chernigiv area: 21 684sq. m.
  13. City: Chernivtsi area: 27 300sq. m.
  14. City: Chervonograd area: 6 000sq. m.
  15. City: Dnipro-1 area: 29 412sq. m.
  16. City: Dnipro-2 area: 30 088sq. m.
  17. City: Drogobych area: 6 820sq. m.
  18. City: Dubno area: 4 200sq. m.
  19. City: Ivano-Frankivsk area: 23 500sq. m.
  1. City: Kamenskoe area: 24 915sq. m.
  2. City: Kamenets-Podolskyi area: 11 010sq. m.
  3. City: Kharkiv-1 area: 26 920sq. m.
  4. City: Kharkiv-2 area: 22 320sq. m.
  5. City: Kharkiv-3 area: 13 300sq. m.
  6. City: Kherson area: 20 630sq. m.
  7. City: Khmelnytskyi area: 23 222sq. m.
  8. City: Khust area: 4 350sq. m.
  9. City: Kropivnytskyi area: 5 670sq. m.
  10. City: Kolomyia area: 16 700sq. m.
  11. City: Kovel area: 4 800sq. m.
  12. City: Kramatorsk area: 17 700sq. m.
  13. City: Kryvyi Rih area: 20 548sq. m.
  14. City: Lutsk area: 21 600sq. m.
  15. City: Lviv-area: 33 700sq. m.
  16. City: Lviv-2 area: 28 500sq. m.
  17. City: Lviv-3 area: 8 210sq. m.
  18. City: Mariupol area: 21 600sq. m.
  19. City: Mukacheve area: 11 010sq. m.
  1. City: Mykolaiv area: 15 400sq. m.
  2. City: Mykolaiv-2 area: 21 000sq. m.
  3. City: Novovolynsk area: 4 780sq. m.
  4. City: Odesa-1 area: 30 000sq. m.
  5. City: Odesa-2 area: 50 140sq. m.
  6. City: Odesa-3 area: 35 000sq. m.
  7. City: Poltava area: 25 751sq. m.
  8. City: Rivne area: 25 960sq. m.
  9. City: Shepetivka area: 3 880sq. m.
  10. City: Slavuta area: 4 350sq. m.
  11. City: Stryi area: 9 540sq. m.
  12. City: Sumy area: 23 760sq. m.
  13. City: Starokostyantyniv area: 20 000sq. m.
  14. City: Ternopil area: 16 692sq. m.
  15. City: Uman area: 4 200sq. m.
  16. City: Uzhgorod area: 12 952sq. m.
  17. City: Vinnitsia area: 21 216sq. m.
  18. City: Zaporizhzhia area: 18 715sq. m.

Along with providing general European merchandise, EPICENTR K keeps expanding its product range. In our hypermarkets we divide goods into 20 categories:

Building materials

Building materials: roof coverings, interior decorations and building equipment (fireplaces, construction devices, windows), isolation and interior decoration, outdoor decoration (sidings, sewers) dry mixed building materials

RoofOK – roofing materials (shingles, Ruberoid);
BauGut – Clip Foam & Sealant, Plasticizer & Modifier, Gypsum Board, Polystyrene Foam
Red ruler (Червона лінійка) – basalt fiber

Sanitary ware and heating

Bath & faucets: bathroom bathtubs, bathroom faucets, kitchen fittings and sinks, water systems, heaters and heating accessories

Aston Waterway – pipes, heating systems (pumping stations, water heaters, hanging heaters)
Evro-termo — radiators, radiator accessories, aluminum-plastic tubes, heaters and heating systems, towel drying systems
Waterhouse — Bathroom appliances, water purifiers, bathroom faucet, sinks
Luna – bathroom accessories
Ego – baths, shower rooms, sanitary ceramic products, bathroom faucets
SCANDISPA– baths, shower rooms, sanitary ceramic products
Underprice – floor heating systems, storage water heaters, sewers

Wooden products

Wood products: floor covering materials, PVC, saunas, wooden doors, dry mixed building materials

KING FLOOR – floor covering materials (laminate flooring, solid wood flooring, plastic wall panels, cork flooring materials)
BauGut – stucco, bottom surface for plastering, floor leveling mixtures, tile glues, primer, acrylic putty)

Hardware: hardware accessories, home decoration materials, metal fasteners, forged products, packaging materials, boats, speedboats, yacht accessories, rolled metal products, wardrobe systems, tires, racks, brackets, metal vaults, metal furniture, commercial equipment, crates, plastic furniture, household plastic product, dustbins, label stickers, temperature controllers

Expert fix – hardware fasteners, metal accessories, door and window accessories
Latuna – door locks and handles
Pro запас – shelves, furniture accessories
"Червона лінійка" – door and window accessories, metal vaults, packaging materials
Underprice – vaults
Flamberg – wire shelves

Tools and equipment

Tools and equipment: high voltage equipment, tile and stone cutting tools, vibration equipment, hot air generators (heaters), woodcrafts machinery, generators, motors, welding equipment, workshop furniture, metalcrafts equipment, hand tools, measuring equipment, tool kits, finishing tools, welding tool, pistols, marking tools, the electric tools

Auto assistance – auto supplies, tools for cars
Compass - electric power tools
Expert tools - hand tools, power tools, machinery, equipment, consumables, personal protection, measuring/marking tools, tool accessories
AquaRace – pressure washers, accessories for washing and cleaning
EVO – machinery equipment, generators
Montero, Червона лінійка – hand tools

Floor covering

Surface covering: wall tiles, floor tiles, parquet, polished tiles, decorative supplies, mosaic, tile tools, linoleum, carpet series, installation tools

Brands: Interkerama, Аtem, Кrymar, Кarara, Piastella, Intertile, Tiger, Stylnul, Opozno, Tubadzin, Borja, Titanium, Zeus, Keramin, Pilch, Shahtinska tile, Replast, Abc-ceramic, Stargres, Cerrad, Cersanit, Dekorstyle, Ferrumstyle, Egrobud, Аrt-Ceramics, Cifre, Saloni, Dom Ceramiche, Mainzu, Emigres, El molino, Paradyz, Dual gres, Pgc, Monopole, Vitra, Fanal, Roca, Vivaser, Kale, Mapisa, Venus, La Platera's, Azulejos Alcor 1, Ceramicalcora, Ceracasa, Tau Ceramica, Azahar, El Barco, Ceramika Color, Bayker, Azulejos Benadresa, Azulejo Espanol, Realonda, Cristal Ceramica, Італон, Coliseum Gres,Pamesa Monopol, Cristacer, Argenta, Porcelanosa, Spazio, Polcolorit, Ceramica Marconi, Kerama Marazzi, Tenerezza Ceramica, Hydra.
The auxiliary element production house: TIS, MADA, Rico, Leo, Rosmat, Luca-profile, Salag, Euroluki, Olvis, Оміс.
ТМ KingFloor – PVC floors, skirting
ТМ BauGut – glue, primers, additions, seam glue
ТМ Allore Group (brand name "Karpaty Ceramics") – wall tiles, floor tiles

Gardening goods

Gardening goods: gardening tools & irrigation systems, water-saving devices, mowers, cultivators, brush cutters, haying machines, electric saws, vacuum machines for leaves, garden shredder, snow cleaners, industrial liquids, pumps, plants, fertilizers, soil and plant cultivation products, books, seeds, flower pots, leisure products, garden furniture, outdoor products, garden decorations, bags, products for pets, products for holiday, New Year gifts. Independent brands

Klever – garden machinery, filling and pouring equipment, hand tools, accessories;
Expert Garden – garden machinery, filling and pouring equipment, hand tools, barbed wire and fences, accessories;
Grilland – various outdoor products;
Bellavita – garden leisure products;
Underprice – garden furniture, accessories.

Décor: paint, wooden tools, supportive products for wood, wallpapers, cleaning products

Hryvnya Petrivna – cleaning tools
Vivendi – products for kitchen, storage supplies
Bellavita – corner lines, Roman blinds, Venetian blinds, roller blinds, glass films
ORIGAMI – toiletries, toilet paper, paper towels
Fiora – cleaning tools
Tempo – painting tools
Red Line – dishwashing detergents, toiletries
Amber – paint, primers

Electrical appliances

Lighting and electrotechnical equipment: outdoors devices, equipment (low-voltage equipment, electrical equipment, testing and measurement equipment, batteries, light sources, home lighting, outdoor lighting)

Accento lighting – home lighting
Expert Light – sources, home lighting, batteries
Valore – air conditioning systems, household appliances, low-voltage equipment
Wild Wind – air conditioning systems
Червона лінійка – batteries, daily-use appliances
Underprice, Flamberg – household appliances
Water House – humidifiers
HausMark – household appliances
Expert POWER – electrical power tools

Home appliances

Appliances, electronics and accessories : TV audio equipment, large scale equipment, built-in equipment, breakfast equipment for cooking, cooking heated appliances, cleaning appliances, personal care appliances, computers, telecommunications, environmental equipment, home appliances

Valore – air conditioning systems, household appliances, low-voltage equipment
Wild Wind – air conditioning systems
Червона лінійка – batteries, daily-use appliances
HausMark, Flamberg, Underprice – household appliances
WaterHouse – humidifiers
ExpertPOWER– cables

Sports goods

Sport goods: sports accessories, boxing and fitness, heavy athletics sports, sport games and running, active summer and winter sports, sports backpacks, male/female/general sports shoes, sports nutritions, men's and women's sportswear, fishing, fishing accessories, fitness equipment, bicycles and accessories, boats and accessories.

Max Pro

Furniture and kitchen
Download presentation下载部门介绍家具,厨房全系列家具

Furniture and kitchen: tables, chairs, office furniture, kitchen furniture (full range), outdoors furniture, desktops, children's furniture

Brands: Arpa Industriale, Drewpol, Luxeform, Maximum, Rehau, Other, W-1, Aqua-Rodos, Alfa-concept, Arnio, Art prom, Artel-Kedr, Baltik House, VM Group, Korner, Gelika, Grade, Ziger, Impulse, Compass, Componit, Light stone, Mebel-service, Prom textile Ukraine, Roda, Romira, Skif, Sterh, Fenster, Yavir

Car accessories

Car accessories: car batteries, car tools, filters, wiper blades, auto fuses, small tuning accessories, car fragrances, oil, accessories, spark plugs, tires, wheels, headlights, floor mats, seat covers, automobile electronic products, cleaning products, roof racks, trailers, child seats, jacks, boats and accessories, signs and stickers

Auto assistance – general car products
Our company has its own famous brands
VARTA, BOSCH, Inci Aku, IstA – car batteries, chargers, pre-chargers
BOSCH, CAP FLAT, AutoExpert – siper brushes

AGA, "ХАДО", Liqui Moli, SAPFIR, ABRO, Turtle Wax, SONAX, PRESTO, PLAK, RunWay – maintenance products Liqui Moli, Mobil, ELF, THK, Shell, ZIC, "ХАДО", Castrol, Gazpromneft, Lotos – oil Premiorri, Michelin, Barum, Debica, HANKOOK, AMTEL, FULDA, NOKIAN, TOYO, YOKOHAMA, Rosava, RIKEN – car tires

OSRAM, Philips, Narva, BOSCH – car lightings
PPioneer, Prology, Garmin, Motorola, Midland, ERGO – electronic products for cars
RECARO, ROMER, SYBEX, Eternal Shield, STM, Sparco – car seats
LEON, Comanche, Giant, Formula, SKYLAND, TXED, OPTIMA – bikes and accessories

Stationery: goods for students, goods for art, office paper, paper products, letters, drawings, instruments and archival goods, instruments, plastic products, office products, office accessories and small tools, office equipment, presentation equipment, special office goods, seals

Nota Bene kids – goods for students (colored pencils, markers, pencil cases, brushs, etc.);
Nota Bene office – goods for office (folders, desktop accessories, writing and drawing accessories, etc.)


Kitchenware: cooking pots and pans, cooking accessories and kitchen décor, tea sets, coffee sets, cutlery

Narumi – fine porcelain tableware (Japan)
Rosenthal – tableware, kitchenware (Germany)
Wedgwood – ceramic tableware (UK)
Rudolf Kämpf – ceramic tableware (Czech Republic)
Riedel – tableware (Germany)
WMF – tableware (Germany)
SILIT – kitchen equipment (Germany)
WUESTHOF – forged knives (Germany)
ZWIESEL 1872 – handmade crystal glass (Germany)
Ruffoni – copper cookware (Italy)

Textiles: Blankets, four-piece sets, quilts and pillows, towels, mattresses, kitchen textiles, beddings, decorative textiles, curtains, home furniture coverings, pantyhose and socks, goods for beach, hotel textiles, underwear, textile gifts, traditional textiles

Songer und Sohne – quilts, pillows, mattresses
La Nuit – textiles
Underprice – textiles and tableware
Clothing store
Home service sector
Clothing store
World-wide recognized brands:
Vossen – bath towels, Austria
Zucchi – Elite bedding (Italy)
Fazzini – eco-friendly four piece sets (Italy)
Reig Marti – blankets (Spain)
ANTILO – interior textile design (Spain)
Manterol – textiles (Spain)
Billerbeck – quilts, pillows, four-piece sets (Germany)
"Edelvika" – the name of the family featured natural fabrics textiles and costumes of the famous Ukrainian manufacturers
Askona – orthopedic supplies

Gifts: Ladies’ gifts, aroma products, vases, artificial flowers, photo products, paints, leather uniforms, accessories, digital goods, ornaments, men’s gifts, unique gifts

AHURA – home furnishings:
Photo frames, clocks, reading lights, paintings, statues, boxed, animal statues, ceramic products (Italy).
Boutique offers goods from Italy, Germany, Spain, Poland, Asia, Ukraine
AHURA, CHINELLI, CEVIC, GOEBEL can only be found in the "Housewares section"

Festive goods

Gardening goods: gardening tools & irrigation systems, water-saving devices, mowers, cultivators, brush cutters, haying machines, electric saws, vacuum machines for leaves, garden shredder, snow cleaners, industrial liquids, pumps, plants, fertilizers, soil and plant cultivation products, books, seeds, flower pots, leisure products, garden furniture, outdoor products, garden decorations, bags, products for pets, products for holiday, New Year gifts. Independent brands

Klever – garden machinery, filling and pouring equipment, hand tools, accessories;
Expert Garden – garden machinery, filling and pouring equipment, hand tools, barbed wire and fences, accessories;
Grilland – various outdoor products;
Bellavita – garden leisure products;
Underprice – garden furniture, accessories.

Kids: 25000 types of toys, diet and health goods for children (3000 products), children's furniture, children's clothing and footwear

LEGO – special design toys
HASBRO – casual and creative, board games, dolls of the world collection toys including transformers, interactive toys;
FISHER-PRICE – baby toys;
BARBIE – dolls;
NESTLE –the child's diet;
BUBCHEN – Childrens skin care products;
GEOBY – baby strollers, baby feeding chair;
PEG-PEREGO –strollers;
REIMA – kids costumes.

Cleaning: Housekeeping products, detergents, kitchen items, paper products, cleaning products, diapers, storage supplies, hair care, body care, toilet products, mouth care, air fresheners and insect repellents, soaps, shaving products, toiletries, fabric softener, laundry styling agents, health products, shoe care products, fragrant body fluids, green agents, carpet floor cleaning products, furniture cleaning products, glass cleaning agents, children's jewelry and cosmetics, perfumes

Hryvnya Petrivna – cleaning tools, sponges
Origami – paper products, wet wipes;
Underprice – racks, clothes dust wipers
Vivendi – racks, clothes dust wipers
Fiora – cleaning tools

Our additional projects

EPICENTR K Agribusiness

EPICENTR K Group has become a notable player on Ukrainian agricultural market via series of transactions:

  • 2015, EPICENTR K Group established its first cluster "Agribusiness 2012" by accumulating land lease rights for 12 000 hectares in Khmelnitsky region;
  • 2016, EPICENTR K Group established its second cluster "VAPG", including: 41 000 hectares in Vinnitsa region, 4 modern or renovated storage facilities for estimate 240 000 tons, new modern machinery, advanced agricultural technologies and experienced team;
  • 2017, EPICENTR K Group purchasing crop-growing assets from "Glencore": 46 000 hectares in Vinnitsa, Kyiv and Cherkassy region, on-farm storage and infrastructure, machinery;
  • 2017, EPICENTR K Group acquired agribusiness with 12 000 hectares in Khmelnitskiy region (completion of the deal is subject to final approvals).

For now, EPICENTR K is one of the largest crop-growing companies in Ukraine with 111 000 hectares of high quality land under management with all crucial crop growing infrastructure in place.

DIY supermarkets «NEW LINE»

In October 2013, EPICENTR K has purchased Ukrainians second largest Ukrainian DIY retail chain of home Construction and improvement supermarkets NEW LINE. NEW LINE is a retail chain of 14 hypermarkets. Therefore, our company organization was changed to Group of companies.

  1. City: Kyiv-1 Size: 6 795 sq. m.
  2. City: Kyiv-2 Size: 13 131 sq. m.
  3. City: Kyiv-Boryspil size: 13 256 sq. m.
  4. City: Kyiv-Bucha size: 13 882 sq. m.
  5. City: Dnipro size: 14 974 sq. m.
  6. City: Kharkiv area: 13 942 sq. m.
  7. City: Kherson area: 13 062 sq. m.
  8. City: Kremenchuk size: 10 825 sq. m.
  9. City: Lviv area: 7 101 sq. m.
  10. City: Lutsk size: 11 910 sq. m.
  11. City: Odessa-1 size: 18 592 sq. m.
  12. City: Odessa-2 area: 14 080 sq. m.
  13. City: Uzhgorod area: 17 977 sq. m.
  14. City: Zaporizhzhia size: 15 780 sq. m.
E-commerce «27.ua»

Ukrainian online-market is now on the stage of rapid development, and therefore EPICENTR K has created its own online shopping-platform: www.27.ua . Online-shop offers customers range of more than 20 000 of products. After the order is placed online, delivery takes place within an hour directly to the customer’s designated address. For this moment in 32 Ukrainian cities we have established 52 customer service centers.

Small electronics stores «Connect»

Nowadays Connect is the fastest developing electronic chain store in Ukraine.

The main idea of Connect stores is to provide our customers with the best service and the widest selection of the latest electronics and accessories. According to the 2015 survey of Ukrainian cell-phone market: majority of cell phones are sold not online or in a big electronic supermarket, but in small highly specialized professional sales points. Main product categories are: digital accessories, but starting from 2016, Connect stores also offer cell phones and laptops. We offer well-known brands such as: Samsung, Lenovo, Microsoft, Huawei, and increasingly popular brands: Xiaomi, Alcatel Onetouch. The average area of each store is about 50 sq. m. but there are also some stores with sales are more than 100 sq. m. Most of the stores are located in our hypermarkets close to the cashiers. For this moment we have 30 Connect stores.

Logistics center

KALINOVKA logistics center is a projected, organized and operated by the EPICENTR K. This is a logistics center with a warehouses, custom clearance sites, as well as a range of other logistics services.

-Logistics center is located nearby the International Highway E-95 Kyiv-Odessa (international seaport);
-Warehouse building ABC level with the total storage area 20,000 sq. m.;
-Open-air warehouse with total storage area 78,000 sq. m.;
-Administration office-center with total work-place area 5600 sq. m.;
-Situated at a convenient location, which helps to avoid any traffic problems.
-Ability for inspection and unloading of railway carriages (two railway tracks available);
-Government Licensed custom warehouse;
-Customs clearance services for EPICENTR K exclusively;
-Big parking areas for trucks and cars;
-24-Hour Security;
-High qualified employees and automatized system of warehouse managing;
-Total area of KALINOVKA logistics center covers 420 000 square meters.

EPICENTR K truck fleet consists of: 250 International licensed commercial freight trucks (among them: 210 trucks "Volvo" and 40 trucks "МАЗ").
Light-load trucks for customer door-to-door delivery service – 390 units ("Gazel", "Ford", "Iveco");
Heavy-load trucks for building materials transportation - 46 vehicles ("KAMAZ"); Passenger cars - 230 vehicles.

Social projects

Social projects are a big part of EPICENTR K development strategy. EPICENTRK supports the Ukrainian sports development in its priority directions.

In 2008, EPICENTR K created the Sport Clubs for children and youth. Our sport club athletes have already become the winners at the thirtieth session of the Olympic Games.

In 2014, EPICENTR K established its second sports club in Ukraine.

5 years in a row EPICENTR K is a sponsor of Ukrainian football league. From 2012 to 2014

EPICENTR K was the title sponsor of Ukrainian national football team. During” EURO-2012”

EPICENTR K was the First National sponsor of the Ukrainian Football League's.

Our team

EPICENTR K belongs to the biggest Ukrainian employers - we have more than 40 thousand staff. Company head office located in Kyiv, Ukraine, and employs more than 500 people.

In 2013, EPICENTR K has established its official representative office in Shanghai, China. Representative office is intended to establish and maintain stable cooperation between EPICENTR K and Chinese suppliers. The team of Shanghai Representative office consists of 9 people.

VERBENIUK KATERYNA, Representative, works with EPICENTR K for 7 years
FEDKIN IVAN, Representative, works with EPICENTR K for 3 years, responsible for the décor, stationery, tableware, textiles, gifts and cleaning categories.
ROMANOVSKYI MYKHAILO, quality assurance engineer, works with EPICENTR K for 3 years. Expert in international quality control and standardizations of non-food products.
DENG ZHIHUI, quality control inspector and supplier auditor, works with EPICENTR K for 13 years.
SHI DANJIE, quality control inspector and supplier auditor, works with EPICENTR K for 7 years.
GAN CHENG, quality control inspector and supplier auditor, works with EPICENTR K for 3 years.
LIU SHAOJUN, quality control inspector and supplier auditor, works with EPICENTR K for 8 years.

Let's work together!

Ukraine Epicentr K LLC Representative in Shanghai
Office 806, IFC-2, 8 Century Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai
Tel. +86 021 6062-7104
E-mail chuprei@epicentrk.cn
QQ 1291543055